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The Acadisc Team History

The Acadisc Webpage was started by Ken Pittman in January 1999 as solely what is now the album directory.  In 2000, Ken began adding more information about albums by Acappella, including some lyrics.  It was then that Tobin Williamson began corresponding for the site.  At the end of 2001, Tobin was named Associate Editor of the site and took on a larger role.  This allowed for the expansion of the site further and, on the three year anniversary of when it all began, the site moved from Clemson University's servers to  At the same time, became the official lyrics page of The Acappella Company.  In February 2002, Daniel Porceddu joined "The Acadisc Team" as an assistant editor and in May 2002, Steve Baggett, Laura (Frame) Badgett, and Tim Russell also became assistant editors.  At the end of 2004, Tobin, Daniel, Laura, and Tim moved from their positions to mainly advisory roles and Steve took over as Associate Editor.  The Acadisc Team then welcomed Maurice Massey as a new assistant editor.  Our mission is to glorify God by promoting music about Him.  We hope that our ministry will continue to grow and be a valuable resource as well as a means of bringing others to Christ.

Senior Editor - Ken Pittman

Click Here to Email Ken (including all general questions about the website)

Ken was born in Cleveland, TN and grew up in Texas (Garland).  Then, in 1995, his family moved to Knoxville, TN, where Ken attended and graduated from Farragut High School in 1998.  From there, he went to Clemson University in Clemson, SC, where he graduated in May 2002 with a degree in biochemistry.  Ken then went to ETSU's Quillen College of Medicine in pursuit of his M.D, which he completed in 2006.  From there, he went to Indiana University in Indianapolis to begin his residency in Pediatrics, Adult Psychiary, and Child Psychiatry at Riley Children's Hospital and and other nearby hospitals.

Ken has been interested in Acappella and The Sounds of Glory for as long as he can remember, but became a devoted fan of Acappella after their Winterfest 1996 concert, which is around the same time that he became a Christian.  Since then, his interest has grown to include the entire Christian acappella genre and that is the reason he started The Acadisc Webpage.  In his spare time (keep in mind he is a medical resident), Ken spends as much time as possible with children, attends sporting events, and works on

Associate Editor - Steve Baggett

Click Here to Email Steve

Steve was born in Ypsilanti MI, grew up in Westland, MI and currently lives in Taylor, MI with his wife Sue and two sons Steven and Samuel. Samuel received a heart transplant when he was two months old. You can read more of their story at  Steve went to Eastern Michigan University and has been working for Wayne State University in Detroit for several years mostly in the research accounting department.

He got into Christian a cappella music with his mother's family. He was raised in the Church of Christ and is currently on the praise team of his congregation. He started leading singing before he could read when he had the words to "How Great Thou Art" memorized. The family often attended "quartet singings" to enjoy good old four part a cappella southern gospel and his mother played their LPs nearly every Sunday morning. As a teen, he was involved in the Metropolitan Detroit Youth Chorus and eventually became student director of this a cappella group. It was in this group of 100+ teens that he was introduced to Acappella and AVB and became an avid fan. Currently he sings in a Christian acappella group called breadbox with five other men from the Metro Detroit area. They hope have an EP CD available.

He loves all kinds of Christian music and his CD collection has grown to over 400 - most of which has been collected over the past few years.  He enjoys most sports including golf and bowling and watches baseball, football, hockey and basketball.

Assistant Editor - Maurice Massey

Click Here to Email Maurice

Maurice was born on Lakenheath AFB in England and spent his early years growing up in European countries like Germany and Italy between stints in Oklahoma City, OK.  He settled down in Dayton, OH in the mid-80's where he went to Junior High and High School.  He graduated from Fairborn High School in 1990.  From there he went to Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN where he earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering in 1995.  He then returned to Ohio and earned his Master's in Material Science and Engineering from Wright State University in 1998.  Maurice now works for UES, Inc as a Project Research Engineer.

Maurice has been interested in singing all his life and has been a self-proclaimed Acappella "junkie" since the mid-80's when he was in A Cappella Choir in High school.  He was a founding member of the now defunct group "Acappella Too" or Shimaneth.  He attends Christ Cathedral in Dayton, OH and was a member and an assistant Director of the choir from 1996-2002.  He was also a member of the Praise and Worship Team.  He has been a member of several singing groups including The WiseMen and Band of Brothers.  In his spare time he enjoys volunteering with youth, golf, and watching football, baseball, and soccer.  His hobbies include listening to music, seeing live bands, cooking, and movies.

Advisor - Tobin Williamson

Click Here to Email Tobin

Tobin was born in Russellville, AR and lives in Hector, AR.  He attended Dardanelle High School in Dardanelle, AR and now attends the University of Central Arkansas.  Tobin has been interested in Acappella since early 2000, shortly after becoming a Christian in the fall of 1999.  Shortly after becoming an Acappella fan, Tobin's interests grew to include all Christian acappella groups.  In the spare time he has, Tobin lifts weights, listens to music, reads, and works with computers.

Advisor - Laura Badgett

Click Here to Email Laura

Originally from Oklahoma, Laura has been a fan of Acappella since the early '80s but enjoys all types of music.  She met her husband Jon while attending college at the University of Arkansas.  They currently live in the Houston area with their cat Harley, and enjoy spending time together in the kitchen with new recipes and in the garage with Jon's 1987 Trans Am.

Advisor - Tim Russell

Click Here to Email Tim

Tim Russell was born in Marysville, KS and raised in Blue Rapids, KS. He now lives in Lincoln, NE with his wife and two sons, Jordan and Zachary. He was brought up in the church of Christ, so a cappella music is in his blood. He has been a fan of Acappella since 1993.  He and his wife are both active in the praise & worship ministry at the congregation they attend. He is a song writer, arranger, sound engineer and sings for church, weddings, youth rallies and other events.  He has over 100 Christian acappella CDs, tapes, albums and videos.

Tim's hobbies and interests include football, basketball, volleyball, fishing, guitar and playing with his two hyperactive boys.

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