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Connections is an attempt to connect the Christian acappella community.  It is open for any classified-type postings related to Christian acappella music.  Open positions, individuals looking for groups, announcements, etc. are all eligible for posting.  To be included, please send your name, email address, and a description of the position/service offered or desired to Ken by email.  If you are interested in ad on this page, please contact the contact person through the email address listed and let them know that you found them through

Acadisc Team Openings is currently looking for individuals to help in the following positions.  They are all volunteer positions (no pay and very minimal benefits).  Interested individuals should email Ken with their name, position they are interested in, reasons they are interested, and any experience (if applicable).  Ken will then respond after discussing with the rest of the Acadisc team.

Assistant Webmaster - An individual with website design experience is needed to help Ken reorganize and manage  As has grown, it has outpaced Ken's website design abilities.  The result is a site that works, but takes much more time to manage than it should.  The assistant webmaster would be charged with finding a way to streamline the site and its management.

Web Relations Assistant - An assistant for web relations is needed to help connect the Christian acappella community through  This involves contacting other webmasters to request links, assisting in optimizing search engine placement, and assisting in the maintenance of the Connections page.

Assistant Editors - Assistant editors are Christian acappella enthusiasts that would like to help type lyrics and prepare content for  The ideal editor would have a fairly diverse collection of Christian acappella music from which he/she could prepare lyrics for as well as a couple hours per week to work on content for the site.  Assistant editors are also involved in any decisions that need to be made regarding the site as well as finding and correcting mistakes within the site.  One assistant editor may be dedicated to finding and correcting mistakes.

Groups Looking for Individuals

Dayspring - Americus, GA
Tenor and Vocal Percussionist
Email: David Luten or Jason Ross

Dayspring is an a cappella group based in Americus, GA which have been singing together since 1999.  The group officially disbanded in 2003 (still singing on occasion), but is now ready to start things back up again.  Anyone interested in joining may hear some of what we have done at

Healing Sounds - Lagos, Nigeria
Bass and Vocal Percussionist
Email: Albert Ita Mark

We are based in Nigeria, but there's a great vision here for the world.  We need talented Nigerians and if you are one please join us.  Christian acappella is not common in Nigeria - it is still a mirage here and we have a dream to be pioneers of Christian acappella in Africa.

Lost-N-Found - Belpre, OH
Bass/Vocal Percussionist
Email: Matt Bortell

Lost-N-Found is an all male contemporary Christian group that has been singing all across the country since 1992.  A candidate for this position needs to have a great attitude and work ethic, a heart for ministry and a good bass range.  Vocal percussion ability is also desired, but not required.  Lost-N-Found travels primarily on weekends, two to three trips per month.  The group rehearses once a week.

Voice of Faith - Greensboro, NC
2nd Tenor/Lead Singer
Email: Brian Shearer

Voice of Faith is currently seeking a 2nd Tenor/Lead Singer that has a great ear for harmony, comfort and ability in various styles, a love and passion for ministry, the ability to practice at least once a week, the ability to commit to a concert schedule, and the ability to take constructive criticism well.

New Group - Zephyrhills (Central), FL
All Male Parts
Email: L. Alan Mullins

A new group is forming in Central Florida that will sing acappella music in several forms, including Contemporary Christian, Praise and Worship, and several secular acappella styles.  The goal will be to present a positive message to the community, particularly in schools, youth rallies, churches, and community events.  Each prospective vocalist should be vocally and musically talented, be able to harmonize, be willing and able to sing various styles of music, be willing to sing lead vocals and solo on occasion, be willing to learn and work hard, be willing to be part of a team and have fun, have a heart for God and ministry (especially to young people), and be interested in starting a group from scratch

Word - England
Bass/Vocal Percussion, 1st Tenor, 2nd Tenor, 3rd Tenor, Baritone
Email: Hezron Ottey

Individuals must be committed to His cause, willing to experiment, and have a keen ear for harmonies.

Individuals Looking for Groups

Abraham Annan
1st Tenor
Abraham Annan

Steven P. Burrows - San Antonio, TX
All Male Parts
Steven Burrows

Renato Frossard Cardoso - United States or England
1st and 2nd Tenor
Renato Cardoso

James Cooper - Henderson, TN
2nd Tenor -> Bass inc. Lead
James Cooper

Preston Cox - North Central Texas
Bass & Vocal Percussion
Preston Cox

Gary L. Dietz II - Indianapolis, IN
Gary Dietz

Tony Fitzgerald II - Texas, Willing to Relocate
Bass or Baritone
Tony Fitzgerald

Albert Mark - Nigeria, Relocating to Kansas
Lead, Tenor, or Baritone
Albert Mark

Andre Scordamaglio - Brazil
Baritone or Lead
Email: Andre Scordamaglio


Spirit's Harmony - Oregon, IL
Looking for Other Groups in N. IL to Share Bookings
Spirit's Harmony

VHF (Voices Honoring the Father) - Pineville, LA
Looking to Lead P&W and Teach New Songs
Websites: Myspace and Homepage

Acadisc is a synopsis of various albums of Christian acappella groups. It is written by The Acadisc Team and is very open to additions and/or corrections. These can be addressed to Ken at

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