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Thank you for considering a donation to  The site is written by The Acadisc Team and is done on a completely volunteer basis.  Other than occasional free CDs, the members of The Acadisc Team spend many hours working on the site without compensation.  We also do not directly sell any CDs, preferring instead to assist groups in selling CDs themselves.  Our goal is to glorify God by promoting music about Him, not to make money. has received many emails indicating that we are helping in this regards.  Various groups have contacted us saying that our website helped them get in contact with new concert hosts, new listeners, and much more.  Most recently, was key in helping the group Zomen connect with thousands of Auburn University football fans with their song "Hard Fighting Soldier."

With any large website, there are expenses associated with the site.  Our website currently serves well over 250 unique visitors each day, including visitors from 82 different nations.  We have grown in content and visitors each year since the site was started in 1999 (moved to in 2002).  In 2003, we moved to a better host that could better handle the increased traffic and content of the site.  However, this move created additional expense.  Since we do not ask for support from the groups that we assist nor offer any subscription features, we rely on visitors to the site to donate to cover our expenses.  Any size donation is of great help.  You can securely donate by Paypal or Credit Card clicking on the graphic below.  If you would prefer to make a donation offline, please contact Ken.

In addition to domain and server expenses, could use an upgrade in website management software.  If donations are sufficient to cover domain/server expenses, they will be used for this purpose.

Donations appreciated to help cover site expenses (Paypal/Credit Card)

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Additions/corrections can be addressed to Ken by email. All lyrics appear with the consent of the artists (where available) and the arists should be consulted if you plan to use the lyrics printed on this site for any purpose.  If you own the rights to a song's lyrics and do not wish for it to appear on this page, please email Ken.

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