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Christian Acappella Album Directory

Welcome to's directory of Christian Acappella Albums.  If there is a link on an album, then it will take you to the Acadisc for that album.  The Acadiscs should direct you to the location to purchase available albums.  If you know of an album or group not included on this list, please let us know by email:  Some albums are listed under multiple categories because they are performed by a certain group, but part of a series OR the CD was recorded with two groups singing together.  All of these albums are cross referenced in parentheses with the other artist (or category) they are listed under.

NA- Not Available TO- Tape Only Available LP- Vinyl Record Only MP3- Digital Download Only

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A4 Gospel Acappella Acappella Acappella Children TAC- The Series TAC- Scripture Songs
TAC- Artist Series TAC- P&H Series TAC- P&W Series AHQ A'Cappella Singers
AVB ACU Alumni Chorus Adams, Steve Adoration Altar
Anderson Brothers Ariel Arise ASAP Best Friends
Bishops, The breadbox Britt, Rodney Brothers Brothers With Voices
Burnett, Gerald Café... Salvation Carr, Joi Chatman, Rhynett Chosen A Cappella
C.I.A. Committed Cornerstone Covenant Cross Examined
Dallas CCC Danzden DeLoach, Steve Devoted Durant
Echo Escape Exodus Firemen, The First Colony
First Day First Step Fishermen's Union Fishers of Men Fitzgerald, Thomas
Five Made Alive Four His Glory Fourthwatch Free Indeed Free Indeed: SaNS
FHU Acappella Chorus FHU Chorale Full Access Gaither Vocal Band Glad
Glorify Him Go Fish Golden Voices Gospel Messengers Green, Jay
Gwin, Eric Hallal Hallelujah Chorus Halogen Hardeman Boys, The
Harding UCC Haven (Quartet) Heart of Worship Heaven's Playground Hessed
Higher Ground Highland St. Teens His Harmony His Image His Image Singers
His Presence His Servants Quartet His Song ACappella Chorale Impression In Unity
Lancaster, Keith Legacy Lights Listen Up Lively Stones
Lost-N-Found Martins, The Mays, Terri Melo-D-Heirs Messengers
Metro Detroit YC MIHAI Mountain Top

A4 Gospel Acappella

Oh Happy Day
Teaching the Truth
Go Down Moses

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Heaven and Earth
Live From Paris
Hymns for All the Ages
All That I Need
The Collection
Act of God
Beyond a Doubt
Hymns for All the World
Set Me Free
We Have Seen His Glory
He Leadeth Me - NA
Growing Up in the Lord - NA
A Savior is Born (with AVB, TAC- The Series- Carols) - NA
Sweet Fellowship
Better Than Life
While the Ages Roll On - LP
Travelin' Shoes
Perfect Peace (with Keith Lancaster) - NA

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Acappella Children

Praise and Worship
We're Not Afraid
Like My Daddy
Drop in the Bucket - TO
Acappella Lullabies (TAC- The Series)
Acappella Children (TAC- The Series) - NA

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Acappella Company, The (The Series)

Acappella Word of God Longplay
Acappella Classics Longplay
Acappella Gospel Longplay
Acappella Family Christmas
Acappella Spirituals Longplay
Acappella Wedding Longplay
Acappella Hear it In Our Voice: Volume III - NA
Acappella Hear it In Our Voice: Volume II
Acappella Hear it In Our Voice - NA
Acappella Melodies
Acappella Classics 2
Acappella Wedding 2
Acappella Jazz - TO
Acappella Favorites - NA
Acappella Classics
Acappella Spirituals 2
Acappella Traditional (Vocal Union)
Acappella Wedding 1
Acappella Classycal
Acappella Gospel
Acappella Resurrection - TO
Acappella Ladies
Acappella Spirituals - NA
Acappella Carols (Acappella/AVB - A Savior is Born)
Acappella Lullabies (Acappella Children)
Acappella Children (Acappella Children) - NA
Acappella Country - TO
Acappella Christmas
Acappella America
Acappella Southern

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Acappella Company, The - Acappella Scripture Songs

Heroes of Faith
The Book of James
The Parables of Jesus

Acappella Company, The - Artist Series

Sweet Deliverance (Sweet Deliverance)
Zambian Acapella (Zambian Vocal Group)
The Vocal Union (The Vocal Union)

Acappella Company, The - Praise and Harmony Series

Holy God
Glorious God
Awesome God

Acappella Company, The - Praise and Worship Series

Acappella Praise Service
Exalt Him
Communion - TO
In God We Trust
Heaven Is in My Heart
In His Presence

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AHQ (A Cappella Harmony Quartet)

Lookin' Up
Hymns and Favorites
Upon This Truth
Let Me Tell You 'Bout Heaven

A'Cappella Singers, The

Live - If That Isn't Love
A Friend Like You
Open Our Eyes, Lord
His Love Shines On!
What a Day That Will Be!
Fallen Walls
Statue of Liberty
Glorify Thy Name
Faithful Love!
Holy Ground
Love in Any Language

AVB (Acappella Vocal Band/All Vocal Band)

The Early Years
Way of Life
The Road
Caminando en la Luz
U and Me and God Make 5
Celebrate and Party
What's Your Tag Say
A Savior is Born (with Acappella, TAC- The Series - Carols) - NA
Song in My Soul
Steppin on a Cloud - NA
Give Me Light - NA

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ACU Alumni Chorus

Sweet Will of God
Give Me That Old Time Religion
From Sea to Shining Sea
At the River
Previous Memories
With Love From a Chorus
Christmas on the Hill
Great Hymns of Faith
Holy Ground
Ride the Morning Winds
Holy Radiant Light

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Adams, Steve

You're All I Need (My Magnum Vocal-opus)
Soul Food
He's Always There
Safe Within His Arms


Healing Grace (Praise Hymn Series)
Rushing Wind (Praise Hymn Series)
All in All (Praise Hymn Series)
Sanctuary (Praise Hymn Series)
Step By Step (Praise Hymn Series)


Living Altar

Anderson Brothers, The

Rain of Blessings


See You At the Top/A Light in the Darkness
Lions of God


Closer to Heaven - TO (CD w/Arise)
Arise - TO (CD w/Closer to Heaven)
Merry Christmas from Arise - TO

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10th Anniversary Concert (Live)
The Great I Am (with Southside Chorus)

Best Friends

Dreamin' Big
It's a Good Morning
Rescue Me
Changed Direction
Live and Breath
We've Found a Place
Goin' Fishing
Circle of Friends
Who Will Tell Him

Bishops, The

Front Porch Collection Vol. 2


Just a Slice

Britt, Rodney

Change My Heart (with Steve DeLoach)
Days Gone By (with Steve DeLoach)
Road to Jerusalem (with Keith Lancaster)


Nothin' but the Truth

Brothers With Voices

In the Morning

Burnett, Gerald

It Was He

Café of the Gate of Salvation

A Window in Heaven
The Café of the Gate of Salvation

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Carr, Joi

Love Enough
Amazing Grace
Do His Will
Let Go & Let God

Chatman, Rhynett

God of a Second Chance
I'm Still Holding On

Chosen A Cappella

Together Praise
Chosen Live at Linwood


Songs from the Vault (with Eric Gwin and Q)
The Reason

Committed Acappella Chorus

Victory (A True Story)


Words are Not Enough
Born Again (20th Anniversary)
Nothing Fancy
Wrapped Up in You
Great Day

Covenant (with Jeff Nelson)

His Amazing Grace
He Is Alive
Forever Friends
Prayer Journey
Images of God
God of Glory
Celebrate Jesus
Holy God
Exalt the Lord

Cross Examined

Ordinary Faces
Second Pew on the Left
Hole in the Screen Door
His Last Days
Message to the Devil

Dallas Christian Concert Choir

To Live as Friends
We Are Going Home
There's a Fountain Free
He Lifted Me
Does Jesus Care?
Who At the Door Is Standing?
Just As I Am
I Can Hear My Savior Calling
I Need the Every Hour
Simply Trusting Everyday (with David Slater)
Since Jesus Is My Friend (with David Slater)
Walking Alone at Eve (with David Slater)
Mansions Over the Hilltop (with David Slater and Harding University Concert Choir)

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DeLoach, Steve

Change My Heart (with Rodney Britt)
Days Gone By (with Rodney Britt)


A New Way of Thinking
Keep Your Lamps Burning




Echo Hymn Again
Echo of Praise
Peace on Earth
Flames of Love vol. 3
Flames of Love vol. 2
Flames of Love vol. 1
Bouncin' Back
Echo Hymn
He is Worth the Fight

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Jesus Prays
Feel the Lord


The Light
The Cross

Firemen, The

The Firemen
Favorite Hymns of the Firemen
Morning, Noon, and Night
Can I Come

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First Colony

Take My Voice and Let Me Sing
The Lord is My Light

First Day

First Day
Precious Memories: Our Favorite Hymns
Marvelous Things

First Step

Like a Child

Fishermen's Union

Come and See

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Fishers of Men

Let Me Be a Light
Lift the Cross High

Fitzgerald, Thomas

Let the Lord Use You

Five Made Alive

Five Made Alive

Four His Glory

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled
Give Us a Vision


The Reason
I Believe In You
Project 2002

Free Indeed

Lasting Impressions II
One Christmas Day
He Gave Me a Song
Lasting Impressions
Pieces to Peace
Holding to the Father
Keep Lookin' Up
Think on This
One More Day
Sweet is the Song

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Free Indeed: Sing a New Song Series (with Jerome Williams)

Volume 10: Live
Volume 9
Volume 8
Volume 7
Volume 6
Volume 5
Volume 4
Volume 3
Volume 2
Volume 1

Freed Hardeman Acappella Chorus

Songs of Praise

Freed Hardeman Chorale

I Can Tell the World

Full Access

Awesome God

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Gaither Vocal Band

a cappella


Voices of Christmas
Acappella Worship- Volume II
Acappella Worship- The Highest Glory
The Collector's Series
The Acappella Project III
The Acappella Collection
Acappella Hymns
Acappella Christmas
The Acappella Project II
The Acappella Project I

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Glorify Him

1991-2001 Favorites
Forehead 7
Looking Ahead
Showdown at Calvary
The Greatest Gift
Anything Through Christ

Go Fish

Live: Created for This
More than a Story
Part of the Proof
Out of Breath

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Golden Voices

Witness - TO

Gospel Messengers

Time is Running Out - CD

Green, Jay

Great Sunday Morning

Gwin, Eric

The Calling
Songs from the Vault (with Q and C.I.A.)
Refuge EP
Every Blessing


More Than Thunder
Best of Hallal Volumes 7-12
My Redeemer
Best of Hallal Volumes 1-6
Richly Blest

Hallelujah Chorus

In Memory of Anell Ferguson
Tribute to Dean & Veralita Drumhiller
In Honor of the Ministry of Horace & Dott Coffman
In Memory of Dovie Jones Barron
A Persons Soul is Like a Garden
Tribute to Theron Jay


And There Was Light

Hardeman Boys, The

Looking for a City
Love Song for You

Harding University Concert Choir

Jesus Is Lord
Songs Written by Fanny J. Crosby Vol. 2
Songs Written by Fanny J. Crosby Vol. 1
The Best of Dallas Christian Sound Vol. 1
Eternal Hymns of Praise
The Greatest Commands
Follow Me
Wedding Favorites
Most Requested Traditional Hymns
People Need the Lord (with David Slater)
Teach Me Lord to Wait (with David Slater)
Hope (with David Slater)
Mansions Over the Hilltop (with Dallas Christian Concert Choir and David Slater)

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Haven (Quartet)

Acappella Hymns
Acappella Christmas
A Cappella

Heart of Worship Classics

ACappella Contempory Classics
ACappella Praise Classics
ACappella Praise & Hymn Classics
ACappella Southern Classics
ACappella Worship Classics

Heaven's Playground

Heaven's Playground


Up To You
God's Unfailing Love

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Higher Ground

We've Been So Blessed
Do You Know How it Feels
God's Promised Land

Highland Street Church of Christ Teens

In Your Presence

His Harmony

What a Savior
A Brighter Day
Best of His Harmony
Show Me the Cross
He Leadeth Me
Because He Lives
Heaven Now is in View
Going Home

His Image

Made in His Image - LP
Heaven's Gonna Shine - LP
Til He Comes - LP

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His Image Singers

Best of His Image Singers Volume III
Best of His Image Singers Volume II
Best of His Image Singers
Let There Be Peace on Earth
Jesus Loves the Little Children
One Perfect Love
To Be Like Jesus
Songs of Love
Victory in Jesus
When We All Get to Heaven
When All God's Singers Get Home
What a Wonderful World
To God Be the Glory
Sing Me a Song About Jesus
Rejoice in the Lord
Precious Memories
Old Time Religion
In the Image of God
He Gave Me a Song
His Image Singers Sing Love Songs
Going Home
Sing to Me of Heaven
Amazing Grace
A New Life

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His Presence

Isn't He Good
People Get Ready

His Servants Quartet

The Best of His Servants
Just Step Inside
Hero of Calvary
You Can Walk on the Water
Victory in Jesus
Songs of Love
Lead Me to the Rock
His Servants Quartet

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His Song ACapella Chorale

In the Shadow of Your Wings


Make Me a Storm
Servant's Lullaby

In Unity

Life To You
Once Upon Accord

Lancaster, Keith

Road to Jerusalem (with Rodney Britt)
The Reason
Prime Time- MP3
Perfect Peace (with Acappella) - NA
A Very Special Time - LP
Sing and Make Music - NA
Heaven Will Be My Home - NA

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Closer to Home


Life Like No Other
More Than Harmony
God With Us

Listen Up

Yesterday is Coming
Old Stories, New Songs

Lively Stones

No Words


Greater Than Dry Land
Then and Now
Slow Down

Martins, The

An A Cappella Hymns Collection

Mays, Terri

Lord Don't Move the Mountain
Better World
True Love (with Youthful Praise)


Let's Worship God
Looking Unto Jesus
Working Hard

Messengers, The

Pressing Toward the Mark

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Metropolitan Detroit Youth Chorus (MDYC)

No Hidin' Place
Arise My Love
Like a Child
Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal
Leaning on the Everlasting Arms
Somebody's Prayin'
Walk in the Light
We Are Marching in the Light of God
Walking in the Spirit

MIHAI (Made In His Awesome Image)

He Will Make a Way
There Was a Man

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Mountain Top

Mountain of Mercy

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Acadisc is a synopsis of various albums of Christian acappella groups. It is written by The Acadisc Team and is very open to additions and/or corrections. These can be addressed to Ken at

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