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Lyrics Submission

Due to spambots using this page more than actual submission, it has been removed.  Please read below and contact Ken if you are interested in submitting lyrics for the site.

Important!  Please Read: now allows you to submit lyrics to be posted on the site.  However, please note that lyric submissions will not be immediately posted.  To be posted, several other events must happen.  First, must have permission from the recording group to post lyrics.  Second, a member of the Acadisc Team must validate the lyrics.  To do this, a member of the Acadisc Team will need a copy of the album for which lyrics are submitted - please contact Ken BEFORE submission if you do not know if we already have a copy or not.  After review and editing, the page will be integrated into the site.  This process may take up to several weeks, but your help in submitting the information greatly speeds up getting a particular album on the site.  Thanks for your help.

Acadisc is a synopsis of various albums of Christian acappella groups. It is written by The Acadisc Team and is very open to additions and/or corrections. These can be addressed to Ken at

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